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Celebrities’s rejuvenating anti-aging treatment

Placenta has been consumed for over a thousand years due to infertility, arthritis, immune diseases and more. The placenta also has factors that scientifically prove the cleanliness of the skin, increasing the production of collagen, helping it to look years younger, clearer and more radiant. In addition, there are known factors in the placental extract that improve hair, helping it to grow in a young, natural and stronger way.

Exclusive in Cape Cod

The treatment of the celebrities is now within your reach!

The Lash Studio is very proud to bring this outstanding treatment to Cape Cod for the first time in its history.  Our studio is licensed by Tonya Beauty, owner of the patent for this incredible technique and we are one of the few salons in all of America authorized to apply it. And the only one in the region!

You deserve to be exclusive. Your skin deserves the best treatment.

What is Bioplacenta?

Bioplacenta is a technique based on human placenta. It is most popular facial rejuvenation technique among celebrities, such as Kardashian family and Victoria Beckham.

From the human placenta, powerful vitamins are extracted that lighten the skin, firm and deeply hydrate.

It is rich in vitamins B, E and C, iron and coxitocina, hormone very important for the skin. Bioplacenta also has botulinum toxin that treats your skin for therapeutic purposes, hyaluronic acid,  antioxidants, EGF and exosomes in its composition, which helps in clearing and combating expression lines.

The great efficiency of the treatment is due to the immense compatibility of the product with the human body and the high degree of purification.

With a very low molecular weight, the bioplacenta is capable of penetrating deeply and bringing a huge range of nutrients to the skin.

It’s the beauty secret all celebrities don’t like you knowing, or sharing about.

It helps them stay one step ahead of the rest of us, one step pretier, one step more energized, except now it is available on THE LASH STUDIO CAPE COD!

How is Bioplacenta applied?

The process begins with a cleansing of the skin and extraction of impurities, followed by an infusion of oxygen with vitaminized water. The placenta stem cell mask is then applied, and the client sits under an LED light for 10 minutes, ensuring better penetration of the substance.

The stem cells of the human placenta is a basic protein similar to that produced by a woman’s body. In this way, the patient’s body recognizes and absorbs it effectively.

The absorbed proteins do an intracellular job, not just on the surface of the skin. That is why it is a perfect treatment! Because there is no negative chemical reaction with the product.

Skin Benefits

Placenta is scientifically proven to help skin, making it softer, smoother, and show less wrinkles. This will make you look years younger, more vibrant, and free of any blemishes or imperfections. Placenta helps clear skin and makes it lighter as well. It is used on burn victims and is proven to make a difference in new skin growth.

Here are some of the many benefits that bioplacenta will bring to your skin:

  • Lightens blemishes;
  • Improves the oxygen consumption of epithelial cells, increasing and stimulating the cellular metabolic process;
  • Closes pores;
  • Improves skin texture;
  • Improves elasticity;
  • Soothing natural liquid and eutrophic healing;
  • Excellent cellular moisturizer;
  • Astringent;
  • Complete agent for skin nutrition and hydration;
  • Induces the penetration of other active ingredients;
  • Removes acne scars;
  • Reduces expression lines.

How long do I see results?

After 3 days of application, you can already notice the first results, and the final result will come gradually after 7 to 15 days.

How many sessions?

Only two applications are needed to bring unbelievable results! Closing pores, lightening the skin, expression lines and deep hydration that creates a wonderful glow!

Bioplacenta is a patent registered by Tonya Beauty. All rights reserved.

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