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Eyelash Extensions

The Lash Studio specializes in customized clean and safe eyelash extensions. Our technicians are highly trained to create a tailored look to perfectly fit each clients eye shape. Lashes can be for anyone who wants to fill in the spaces between their lashes, or for someone who just wants a richer, fuller look. We offer different high quality sets ranging from Classic to Mega Volume. 

Our lashes have many benefits to enhance your every day life, our favorite is never having to apply mascara again!  Book today to reduce your beauty routine, and get that no make-up look. 

What are eyelash extensions and what are its advantages?

Get rid of mascara once and for all! With The Lash Studio’s Eyelash Extension technique, your eyelashes will always be bulky, elongated, darkened and lush without the need to apply other products for definition.

More practical, modern and natural than false eyelashes, this aesthetic technique also helps fill gaps to give your look more intensity and is much more durable. While false eyelashes last only one day and are glued to the lash line, eyelash extensions last for several weeks and are glued to the lashes individually, creating impact without looking artificial.

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Eyelash extension, however, requires application by a professional and here at The Lash Studio you’ll be on good hands. Our team of beauticians is made up of certified specialists who undergo rigorous training to fit our quality control. Vanessa Ristow, founder of The Lash Studio, has a very critical eye for selecting only the best professionals to join her team. The studio is clean and comfortable and all experts wear masks and sanitize their stations at the highest level.

An intense look must also have personality. That’s why when you make an appointment at The Lash Studio, your preferences will be set to give you a unique experience with your new eyelashes. Eyelash extensions vary in thickness, type, style, curvature and length.

In the following we will explain how the application is made, what are the defining characteristics of the service and we will also talk about the care needed to keep your eyelashes beautiful and healthy.


The process for applying eyelash extension is very important. It is essential that each natural eyelash be isolated before applying the extension. Once natural eyelash is isolated, the extension is selected.

It is then dipped in adhesive glue to the precise extent for the correct application. It is essential that this application is performed by highly skilled hands and high quality products. Incorrect glue application may result in the eyelashes falling below the correct size or sticking the eyelashes together if excessively applied, causing itching and discomfort. Using low quality material can also damage the health of your eyelashes and cause allergies.

Finally, after being dipped in the adhesive glue, the extension is placed on top (or sometimes at the bottom) of the natural eyelash, taking due care also with the position and inclination.

 The Lash Studio have its own brand of eyelash extensions and adhesive glue, specially manufactured to ensure the best quality available on the market. These products can also be purchased directly from the studio or on demand. We currently ship to all regions of the United States and Brazil.

Aftercare and Maintenance

After applying the eyelash extensions, it is necessary to pay special care to preserve them and increase their durability.

Wait 24 hours before wetting the extensions and wash them daily to avoid buildup.

Avoid anything oil based as it will break down the adhesive. Watch out for salt water and chlorine.

Do not wear mascara unless you are sure it is safe for extension, other makeup is appropriate, but do not use an oil-based makeup remover.

If you want to keep the extensions, perform maintenance sessions every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the growth of natural eyelashes.

When applied correctly by a trained professional, eyelash extensions do not harm or damage natural eyelashes.


Best lashes in Cape Cod! She takes her time and makes sure the lashes look perfect. The environment is gorgeous and relaxed. I'm moving to Boston soon but will honestly have to travel to the Cape to get my lashes with Vanessa; I trust no one else!

Mariah Underwood

I got the hybrid eyelash extension set. I loved Denise, she's very gentle and did a good job with my tiny eyelashes. She also gave me what I was wanting. This place has a calming atmosphere and it's also very clean. I would definitely go here if you want to feel pampered and pretty!

Mariah Felix

Where I go, people ask where I made my lashes. And I'm always recommending the studio!! Because to this day I haven't found a studio that has the same effect.

Angelica Lane

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Interested in applying eyelash extension? Book an appointment now. Our expert team will give you all the support so you can choose the best look for your eyelashes.