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Flawless Brow

Flawless Brow is an exclusive technique because in addition to offering an immediate filling result, it also moisturizes and strengthens eyebrow strands.

We are inspired by fashion and the power of women to create a totally authentic technique, respecting the characteristics of each client.
Eyebrows with disconnected, wild or more aligned wires does not matter, our treatment allows countless possibilities, after all Flawless Brow is not only wild wires, Flawless Brow is synonymous with Naturalness.

What is Flawless Brow?

The treatment consists of valuing the shape and filling the flaws of your eyebrow with absolute naturalness, from implantation to trim.

We apply vitamins that moisturize and stimulate hair growth and you take home a concentrated growth serum.
That’s why, in this treatment you have an immediate result because the flaws and imperfections of your eyebrows are filled and still a progressive result because the vitamins applied and the concentrated serum you take home will stimulate the growth of the strands.
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Who is Flawless Brow indicated for?

The treatment is indicated for clients looking for the growth of spaced areas of the hair and want to improve the shape of the eyebrows, but have problems with eyebrow failures and weak strands.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and allergy sufferers.

How is the application carried out?

1. We analyze the shape and style of eyebrows

2. We do eyebrow design and facial measurements

3. We apply the vitamins

4. We apply moisturizing oil with massage

5. We started filling flaws with a natural technique

6. And in the end, you get a concentrated growth serum to apply at home

This entire procedure takes, on average, about 2 hours to be applied. It is painless and comfortable, with no itching, tingling or burning.

Watch the video below:

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How long does it last?

Flawless Brow is impressively lasting  of more than 6 to 8 months, depending on the skin type and aftercare.

In this period you can choose to do the progressive Grow Brow Treatment for cleaning and applying more vitamins to the eyebrows.


1. Keep dry for 24 hours;

2. Can’t swim;

3. Can’t direct exposure to the sun for 7 days;

4. Can’t  use any cream or product on top of the eyebrow for 15 days (only the serums);

5. Use serum 1 time a day (every day) nothing oil-based for 15 days;

6. Can’t tanning for 15 days.

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Reminder: natural beauty doesn’t go out of style.  Book your appointment today.

Flawless Brow

Eyebrow treatment with immediate filling result, it also hydrates and strengthens the eyebrow wires.
$600.00 · 2hours 30min