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Eyebrow Design and Wax

Which part of the face defines your expression well and gives a cleaner or loaded look? The eyebrows!

They can increase or decrease your age, frame your face and are the best way to communicate your emotions. So it is important to take care of them in the best way possible.

The Lash Studio only uses the finest Nufree wax, which is antimicrobial and completely botanical. Whether you want eye opening high arches or just a quick clean up, we will wax, trim and tweeze your eyebrows to design you a face-framing shape. 

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I prefer to do the eyebrow design with wax, it's very long lasting and all the girls who attended me are great, it doesn't hurt and it's very fast!
Brenda Grace
I've only been doing my eyebrows at Lash Studio for two years, they remove them with waxy hair without hurting. The girls are very attentive!
Mariah Felix

How does eyebrow wax work?

A thin layer of wax (hot or cold) is passed under the hair that exceeds the shape of the eyebrow and with a strip of paper (or cloth) the wax is pulled out quickly.

Before starting, if necessary, the designer will cut the longest hairs so that waxing is more effective. It is also possible that the designer uses the tweezers to pull out some hair that the wax may leave behind.

The beautician will apply a refreshing lotion to the area after waxing. This should relieve the redness and the feeling of heat.

Is eyebrow wax painful?

Waxing can be a little uncomfortable the first time or when you have not done it for a long time.

The good news is that the more you do, the less painful it will be since the hair trend is to thin.

What should I do before wax?

First, don’t try to pull the hairs out. Many people have a habit of pulling out some hairs before deciding to go to the salon, right? That is why they end up pulling too much and this can make it impossible for the designer to find the best shape for her face.

Second, go with the place clean and without makeup. The beautician will clean the area before apply the wax, but the less makeup and cream you have on your skin, the better.

Third, inform the responsible professional about any type of irritation or allergy you may have when using wax on your face.

What should I do after wax?

It is best to avoid applying heavier creams, makeup to the area or any scented product for about 24 hours. Also, wash your hands before touching around your eyes – as your pores are open and oily, dirty hands can end up clogging your pores.

Also avoid sunbathing directly on the shaved area, after all, the skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to burns.

Is eyebrow waxing lasting?

Ideally, it should be done every 6 to 8 weeks.

Generally, hair will reappear after 2 weeks. The speed of hair growth varies from person to person.

Other VS methods of waxing

Egyptian Hair Removal VS Waxing

Egyptian hair removal is a temporary hair removal technique, which consists of only using a 100% cotton yarn. This wire is twisted and wrapped with both hands, inserting its end into the mouth, in order to put pressure on it. This is potentially more painful than waxing as it takes much longer to remove hair.

Many people who choose Egyptian hair removal because they feel it is more accurate. In addition, it is said that the hair is less harmful to the skin. People tend to choose waxing because it is faster and the pain is gone in an instant.

Tweezers VS Waxing

With tweezers, the hairs are pulled out one at a time, or a small number at a time, at most, creating a clean appearance.

Is Waxing Safe?

Waxing is completely safe when done by capable professionals with quality products.

The Lash Studio team is formed only by licensed cosmetologists or beauticians and undergo rigorous training to adapt to our very high quality standards.