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Lip Glow

Hydration and Rejuvenation.

Unique technique that applies a hydration pump, removes pieces of skin falling down and returns natural color to the lips

What is Lip Glow?

Lip Glow is an intense regeneration treatment, performed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other active ingredients that provide rejuvenation, softens lip expression lines and moisturizes them immediately, ensuring incredible results for weeks.

Who is Lip Glow for?

Our Lip Glow treatment is indicated for people with dry lips, fissures and no color and who are at least 12 years old.

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All steps of the procedure do not hurt.

Lip cleansing, exfoliation are done and then we apply a blend of vitamins that has antioxidant action and anti-inflammatory properties and hyaluronic acid is also applied, a small amount but that makes a difference in the final result.

All our professionals have experience and are trained by our CEO who has an international certificate and who makes a point of following some services and listening to our customers.

Lip Glow Benefits

1. Softens fine lines;
2. Eliminates dry skin;
3. Renews the natural color of your lips;
4. Promotes mega hydration;
5. Effect of young and healthy lips. 

Is the Lip Glow lasting?

The Lip Glow lasts from 4-6 weeks.  Since after this period the person still feels soft and healthy lips.

At The Lash Studio, all procedures follow a strict protocol, offers security and no risk to our customers.

Lip Glow

Hydration and Rejuvenation.
$100.00 / 1 hour