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Hyaluron Pen

Filling your lips without needles

This innovative lip filling treatment, now available at The Lash Studio, uses a technology that allows the penetration of hyaluronic acid easily into the skin, through a single pressure point. Once hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin, it diffuses into the subcutaneous tissue, making the pain-free treatment caused by hypodermic needles at an affordable price.

This less invasive and totally safe procedure allows hyaluronic acid to reach only the papillary layer of the dermis, without sharp points to pierce blood vessels and without risk of occlusion. It is ideal for filling lips, fine lines, wrinkles, creating volume, shape and lifting.

What is hyaluronic acid?

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Hyaluronic acid is a type of natural sugar that, like collagen and elastin, is produced by the human body. It is the main structural element of connective tissue.

This acid is the most moisturizing substance in the world. A molecule can contain up to 1000 times its weight in water. Its function is to provide our skin tissues with adequate moisture to maintain their shape, with hydration and softness. It is impossible to have hyaluronic acid allergy, since the human body itself produces it.

Over the years, the human body’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers decreases, resulting in thinner lips and loss of hydration and skin elasticity, creating wrinkles and a dry appearance.


I just wanted to say that I do love my lips. It's the perfect amount of pout I was looking for I know I was nervous at first. When they go down I think I will come back for more…but for now I think they are great and won't be needing any More. Thank you so much!

Joana Hoff

I loved it! Thank you very much for everything! Your work is amazing and you are a wonderful person too! I couldn't have chosen a better person to make this change!

Angie Bailey

Where I go, people ask where I made my lips. And I'm always recommending the studio!! Because to this day I haven't found a studio that has the same effect.

Briana Lane

What is the Hyaluron Pen treatment?

Hyaluron Pen technology, which combines approaches used in mesotherapy and fillers, was developed to inject hyaluronic acid, in gel form, into areas that have lost or lack volume, such as the lips. With the injection of this acid, the filling induces the formation of new collagen, elevating lips, cheeks and other areas that have lost volume, in addition to rejuvenating the face.

And best of all: safe and painless! There are other procedures for injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, but these include the use of needles that cause great discomfort as well as risks to the skin. Needles can cause unexpected infections by transferring viruses and germs by cross-contamination.

Here at The Lash Studio, lip enhancement is done with innovative technology from Hyaluron Pen that uses pressurized air for the injection of acid through a narrow opening in human skin, painlessly, safely, effectively and with authentic results.

The procedure leaves no visible marks and is very fast. A pressurized injection lasts about 1/3 of a second. Its fast, fine jet easily penetrates the skin. The substance then diffuses under the epidermis of the subcutaneous tissue.

The result of the treatment lasts 3 to 6 months.


Do not touch the treated area for 24 hours after the procedure.

First of all: don’t scratch your skin! It is likely that on the first day after treatment, the skin over and around the lips will be more sensitive. In this case, if you need to wash your face, do it with clean water. Avoid any kind of pressure on the skin in the treated area. It is normal for some small dry pieces to appear after the procedure, which are dead tissue, blood and pigment.

Do not scratch, massage, nudge or touch the points that mark the insertion of the filling. They will disappear naturally in a few hours. If the symptoms last more than 72 hours, contact the artist who performed the procedure.

Avoid exposure to the sun or other sources of heat.

Dehydration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun can have negative effects in the first days, impairing the durability of the treatment. Avoid natural or artificial tanning sessions for at least a week. If exposure to the sun cannot be avoided, use sunscreens with SPF 45 or higher.

In addition, intense physical activity is not recommended for the first 48 hours after the procedure because of the changes it would cause in body temperature. Avoid sauna, hot wax, swimming, hot tubs and other sources of heat.

Avoid very hot or very cold drinks for the first two days after treatment.


Do not consider the result of the beginning of the procedure as final.

The change in the shape of the lips and the smile lines that happens in the first couple of weeks can cause a little anxiety in clients who still don’t know the treatment. There is no reason to worry! It is perfectly normal for the treatment area to appear somewhat asymmetrical at first, since the touch-up procedure has not yet been carried out. This will change significantly until the end of treatment.


In case of any question, contact us.

Do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions after treatment. The Hyaluron Pen technique is new and it is normal for some questions to appear. Your health and well-being is a priority at The Lash Studio and we will be happy to serve you in the best possible way.

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Join this new trend and get full, young and beautiful lips!

Hyaluronic Pen

Filling your lips without needles
$150 - Full Lips 'touch up'

Hyaluronic Pen

Filling your lips without needles
$250 - Full Lips