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Keratin Eyelash Lift

Beautiful, Full, Eyelashes – Effortlessly 

If eyelash extensions aren’t for you, try our innovative Keratin Lash Lift and tint. Our keratin treatment is the best choice for people with naturally medium to long eyelashes. It lifts the lashes and opens the eyes, similar to eyelash extensions.

This new and modernized technique allows you to lift lashes more gently, safely and effectively than old school methods without the need to apply artificial lashes.

The Keratin Eyelash Lift result lasts for several weeks. Want to wake up already feeling stunning with fluttering eyelashes? Then schedule your appointment now at The Lash Studio!


My eyelashes were bent for more than a month, I really loved the result! I can't do without the lash Lift. The Studio service is wonderful, speechless.

Miranda Vieira

After I started doing Lash Lift, I don't know what an eyelash mask is anymore. I don't need to use it anymore! Now I wake up with my beautiful eyelashes... The girls are very attentive and advise very well on eyelash care.


I've done several services with you and I love all the results! But the Lash Lift surprised me because of the durability, the result lasted more than 4 weeks. Incredible!

Yolanda Flynn

Who is Keratin Eyelash Lift for?

If you get satisfied with the look of your natural eyelashes by applying just one layer of mascara and curling them, then Keratin Eyelash Lift is for you. If, on the other hand, you want more drama or be able to further customize the style, then we recommend our studio’s eyelash extensions. If your natural eyelashes are very thin and light then eyelash extension is also a better option.

Keratin Eyelash Lift can also be a pre-service option for extensions if you are looking for a more dramatic and bulky eyelash extension application. For this, it is interesting to treat keratin a week or two before applying the extensions. This will help in increasing the volume and decreasing the contrast between your natural eyelashes and the extension eyelashes.

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Can you customize the eyelash lift?

Most eyelash lift can be customized to the desired level of curly. The Lash Studio’s specialist will analyze the client’s natural eyelash length and eye shape to help find the eyelash look that best matches her features.


First and foremost, the client goes through an analysis process to verify the characteristics of her eyelashes and to define the size and curly of the silicon rod, the piece that will serve as a ‘template’ for the new eyelash shape.

Once this is done, the specialist checks if there is a need to add some specialty to the service, such as paste or shade.

Then begins the process of cleaning the eyelashes, always using very high quality products that do not cause discomfort and are healthy for your eyelashes. A gel pad is applied to the lower lashes and rod on the client’s eyelid using skin-safe adhesive.

This same adhesive is applied over silicon rod and then the natural eyelashes are brushed over this. Once the eyelashes are arranged perfectly in place, a solution is applied at the base of the natural eyelashes to act around 12 minutes and may vary according to their density. The solution softens the lashes so that they take shape.

Finally the solution is removed to make room for a setting lotion that hardens the new eyelash shape.

All products used at The Lash Studio are exclusive brand. We place our spotless reputation in ensuring that our customers will always receive the best quality available on the market.

Keratin treatment lasts about 1 hour and may take a few minutes longer in case of tint.

Keratin treatment is not painful at all.

How long does Keratin Eyelash Lift last?

Keratin Eyelash Lift can last from 6 to 8 weeks, but the best results will be noticeable within the first 4 weeks. This is because the eye changes its natural lashes constantly (on average 4-5 lashes a day). Therefore, by the fifth week, almost half of the raised lashes will have been replaced by new natural lashes in most cases.

To achieve longevity, proper maintenance is required. By performing the procedure here at The Lash Studio, the client will be instructed in all of these precautions.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Of all eyelash treatments, keratin eyelash lift is the one that needs least maintenance. Even so, some aftercare is needed. Treat the eye area safely and hygienically. See below:

For the first 24 hours, avoid moisture on the eyelashes. Do not get them wet, do not expose them to steam and avoid makeup.

Avoid scratching your eyes.

Do not play with lashes, poking or touching them excessively.

Avoid oil based products.

Gently brush eyelashes with a clean spool to prevent bacteria formation or dirt buildup

About makeup, never use mechanical curvex. Avoid using cream-based mascara and eyeliner, use liquid instead or pencil.24

Are Keratin Eyelash Lift safe?

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Keratin eyelash lift is totally safe when applied by capable hands with quality products.

The most important safety measure for Keratin Eyelash Lift is to find a certified and licensed professional to perform the procedure. Like most eyelash services, amateur and incorrect application can cause catastrophic results.

Among the most common mistakes are the use of wrong curling perming or the excessive use of the products, which impairs the natural growth of the eyelashes or makes them uneven and disheveled.

The Lash Studio team is staffed only by licensed professionals and they undergo rigorous training to meet our highest quality standard before being allowed to serve customers.

During application, it is mandatory that the client keep her eyes closed throughout the procedure to avoid chemical contact with the eyes.