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Our Team

Graduated in Medical Facial from Harvard, Boston, the cosmetologist, beautician, instructor and specialist Vanessa Ristow is today the biggest reference in the eyelash industry on Cape Cod.

The history of her success began 11 years ago, when she arrived in the United States, bringing from Brazil already a great knowledge and mastery of the beauty treatment area. Then she started to perfect her technique through many specialization courses in several North American institutions.

Through extensive study and intensive training, Ristow completely mastered the entire craft of eyelash treatment, including the much sought after Russian volume, very different from the American style. She also went deeper into skin treatment techniques, specializing in BB Glow.

Becoming the owner of a unique style, Vanessa then decided to bring her knowledge to share on Cape Cod, a place where this business had not yet taken off and established herself as one of the pioneers in the region. Her vision led her to found The Lash Studio in the heart of the city, with the mission of creating a brand that really speaks for itself.

Meet Vanessa Ristow

Vanessa Ristow is an enthusiastic and perfectionist professional and her personality is reflected in her brand and her studio. The extremely friendly and comfortable environment has a unique quality structure that welcomes each client in order to provide a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Its brand even has its own eyelash products, adapted to the Cape Cod climate and developed to ensure quality, safety and trust for customers and professionals.

Because she believes in sharing knowledge and likes to see other people grow professionally, Vanessa Ristow also teaches courses to share her technique through her program The Lash Studio Academy, where she trains students from absolute beginnings to the most advanced eyelash extension techniques.

And it is through this desire to spread beauty across Massachusetts that Vanessa Ristow has become a real inspiration for both clients and professionals.

“We here at The Lash Studio promote community in this industry over competition! Our philosophy is that there’s always enough for everyone, so spread ideas that will help to grow our community, inspire and be inspired, and always stay driven by kindness and love!”

— Vanessa Ristow

Incredible Results

To assemble the best team of Cape Cod eyelash specialists, Ristow has handpicked artists of real talent. Its team is formed only by licensed cosmetologists or beauticians. Not only that, each of its professionals is trained by Vanessa herself, to guarantee the highest standard of service and attendance for The Lash Studio’s clients.

The result is a team of super qualified eyelash artists that delights people who visit the studio, bringing satisfaction and creating long-lasting friendly relationships.