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More information about the application of eyelash extension

Eye shape is a major factor when choosing the best eyelash extension style to apply. Just as a haircut can look different for each face shape, it is only natural for eyelashes and eye shapes.

There are several styles for eyelash extension. The most common include cat’s eye, doll’s eye and dramatic. The cat’s eye creates an almond-like appearance, projecting a longer length at the ends. The doll’s eye projects most of the eyelash length in the middle, creating a wider eye look. The dramatic style uses a lot of length all the way creating greater visual prominence.

Here at The Lash Studio, services are tailored for each person to create an unique look and feel that suits each client’s personality.


The eyelashes are classified by thickness, measured in millimeters. Different thicknesses are used in different styles to achieve the desired result.


Great thickness.

Matches most lashes.


A thinner eyelash. 2 synthetic eyelashes can be placed on 1 natural eyelash without adding much weight.


The thinner eyelash. 3-5 synthetic eyelashes can be placed on 1 natural eyelash. Creating a fan that is also known as Russian Volume.

For the classic set, for example, it is more common to use a thickness of .15 mm. But it can also be used at a thickness of .10 mm when natural eyelashes are too thin or to be used in conjunction with another .10 mm extension to create a near volume effect, which we call 2D.

.07 mm, .06 mm and .05 mm are used in volume extensions. The number of eyelash extensions in a fan may vary depending on the thickness of the natural eyelashes and the thickness of the extensions being used.

For example, after analysis from a specialist on the natural eyelash resistance of a client interested in volume application, three .07mm extensions could be used in a fans, or five .05mm extensions in a fan. This varies from person to person, another reason why a professional application is required.


The type is bound to fullness, in addition to the overall appearance.

The Classic will be the most natural and Volume the most obvious.

Classic Set

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Fun and flirtatious, a set for those who want to add more length to their already full lashes. The classic set applies 1 eyelash extension to each natural lash. A perfect choice for that doll-eye look. 

Because only 1 extension is applied to each natural eyelash, it is possible to use thicker extensions (usually from 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm) to create a more dramatic look.


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It is a relatively new type in the eyelash extension industry, but it has become darling among many celebrities.

Hybrid is a mixed set of classic and volume lashes. It provides the definition of Classic with the additional amplitude of Volume.


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A thinner eyelash than the classic, but thicker than the volume. Also adding definition and fullness.

2D stands for 2 dimensions, meaning two extensions are applied to each natural eyelash to create a beautiful set that is slightly larger than the classic set.

Russian Volume Set

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A lush choice for a look that is both natural and dramatic. About 2-4 extensions are applied to each natural lash using feather-light lashes. The lashes are lighter than the classic set, creating a fuller, chic look. 

Mega Volume Set

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Perfectly glamorous, the mega volume brings both length and volume to your eyes. Between 2-6 super light extensions are applied to each natural lash. Lashes are not heavy leaving you with an effortlessly dramatic look.

Fox Effect

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In this application, the specialist lengthens the edge of the upper eyelid, visually enlarging the eyes and creating a sexy and languid appearance. The look becomes even more expressive because the effect causes the natural impression of an eyeliner on the edges of the lashes.

The O.M.G Lash

The Lash Studio’s exclusive. O.M.G !

During the quarantine period of 2020, Vanessa Ristow, creator of The Lash Studio took the opportunity to improve her techniques and the result of this is the creation of an exclusive style, following her signature.

The 💎 O.M.G. Lash! 💎

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Mapping is a very important process in eyelash extension. Correct application requires much more than just a steady hand and practice to deliver quality service. Placing the same length of eyelash along the eye area would result in a fake appearance, but you also can’t just apply different lengths at random.

The specialist makes a complete analysis of the client’s characteristics: eye shape, eyelash structure, eyelash health and the personality she wants to give her look. The eyelash mapping is then performed to determine which extension to use.

There is no limit to creativity, but among the various possible results, there are those styles that are most sought after by customers. See below.



Following the shape of the eyes, this style projects the shortest lashes in the inner corner and brings a subtle and gradual reflection in the outer corner.

Cat Eye

Gradually it goes from long to short, with the longest lash at the end. This will make the eye look almond shaped.

Doll Eye

Puts most of the length in the middle, making the eye appear more open. Most natural eyelashes follow this shape.


This style goes from short to faster and maintains long length throughout.


The curls are classified by letters that represent their appearance. Curl can affect the overall appearance of the eyelashes. Less ripple is not so visible. More ripple is easier to see from the front.

Some examples of curvatures:

J Curl

Less amount of curvature being visible noticeable on the front.

B Curl

Minor or basic ripple, this is very natural

C Curl

One of the most common curls, the natural lash curl of most people is similar to the C curl.

D Curl

Dramatic and visible, it has the most lift and is the most obvious

L Curl

They are built with a dramatic and harsh upward curve, ideal for customers with hooded eyelid


Length is determined by how long natural lashes can hold, usually about 20% more.  The selection of the ideal length depends on the thickness of the natural lashes. Longer extensions can be used on thick and naturally long eyelashes. For sparse or short lashes it is recommended to use smaller extensions at the shorter end of the eye.


Interested in applying eyelash extension? Book an appointment now. Our expert team will give you all the support so you can choose the best look for your eyelashes.