Bioplacenta coming to Cape Cod!


Bioplacenta, the most popular facial rejuvenation technique among celebrities, favorite of the Kardashian family and super exclusive is arriving in Hyannis through THE LASH STUDIO. Our studio is licensed by @tonyabeauty, owner of the patent for this incredible technique and one of the few salons in all of America authorized to apply it.

Bioplacenta is rich in vitamins, iron and coxitocina, super important hormone for the skin. Bioplacenta has in its composition also acid based on almonds, antioxidants, EGF and Exosomes, aids in whitening and combating expression lines.

Only two applications are needed to bring unbelievable results! Closing pores, lightening the skin, expression lines and deep hydration that creates a wonderful glow for the skin!

You deserve to be exclusive. Your skin deserves the best treatment. Access our website now and learn more about this incredible novelty!