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  • Accessories

    Adhesive – The Lash Studio

    Specially formulated for Cape cod. Hypoallergenic Adhesive, Dermatologist-Tested, Medical glue.

  • Accessories

    Applicator Wand

    50 applicator wands per pack.

    Easy to use and easy to carry. Perfect to separate the lashes.

    Great for use on business trips, vacations, weddings, everyday use and performance.

  • Aftercare

    Eyebrow Gel Soap

    You get full brows that last all day. Eyebrow gel soap is our unique brow shaper it can be used to shape, lift, tame and sculpt every lash to create the feathery brows you’ve always wanted.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Card – The Lash Studio

    Gift the one you love with the Gift Card from The Lash Studio.

  • Accessories

    Glue Rings

    Glue Rings are great for holding your professional eyelash adhesive during the eyelash extension application.

  • Accessories

    Jade Stone

    Jade Stone keeps your lash extension glue at a nice, cool room temperature.

  • Accessories

    Jade Stone Cover

    Disposable for easy clean-up. 30 pieces per pack, used to cover Jade Stone or use by itself. Removable sticker on back prevents it from shifting.

  • Aftercare

    Lash Bath

    Deeply purifies eyelashes⁣. Cleans oils, dirt, and residues⁣. Removes eye and facial makeup⁣. Oil-Free. Soft and gentle.⁣

  • Lashes

    Lash Box

    Eyelash extensions, available in both Classic and Volume diameters and different curls.

  • Aftercare

    Lash Serum

    Strengthening serum that helps in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, enhancing the look. The association of peptides and panthenol helps to maintain the eyelash growth process.

  • Accessories

    Lash Wand

    Comes with 50 lash wands. The head is soft and comfortable to use.
    Small size, easy to carry when going out. Disposable, one-off, clean and healthy.

  • Lashes

    Lashes Mix Box

    Multi-Length Trays of eyelash extensions, available in C curl, 0.15 diameter and 8-14 length.