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    Adhesive – The Lash Studio

    Specially formulated for Cape cod. Hypoallergenic Adhesive, Dermatologist-Tested, Medical glue.

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    Applicator Wand

    50 applicator wands per pack.

    Easy to use and easy to carry. Perfect to separate the lashes.

    Great for use on business trips, vacations, weddings, everyday use and performance.

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    Glue Rings

    Glue Rings are great for holding your professional eyelash adhesive during the eyelash extension application.

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    Jade Stone

    Jade Stone keeps your lash extension glue at a nice, cool room temperature.

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    Jade Stone Cover

    Disposable for easy clean-up. 30 pieces per pack, used to cover Jade Stone or use by itself. Removable sticker on back prevents it from shifting.

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    Lash Wand

    Comes with 50 lash wands. The head is soft and comfortable to use.
    Small size, easy to carry when going out. Disposable, one-off, clean and healthy.

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    Mannequin Head

    This lash training mannequin head, is made of soft silicone and rubber material, gentle to touch and great skin simulation. These mannequin heads are flat on the back and perfect for lash artists to perfect their form for lash isolation, lash placement and tweezer management before taking a model.

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    Micro Brushes

    Microfiber Brushes for Eyelash Extensions.
    Suspends solutions as fine as 1/8 of a drop without dripping.

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    Adhesive tape for eyelash extensions. High-quality 3M micropore tape holds down lash extensions well but doesn’t hurt when removing from your client’s skin. This medical grade eyelash extension tape allows you to contain the lower lashes that you can’t cover with the under eye bio-gel pads.