Tutorial to remove Eyelash Extensions

Taking good care of your eyelash extension is just as important as the application, but what happens when you are unable to visit your salon?

Depending on how much time has passed since the last maintenance, it may be necessary to remove eyelash extensions. In this case, it is important to follow the proper procedure to avoid causing problems.

Here are some tips for you to do this properly from the comfort of your home. 💎

1️⃣ Evaluate your lashes

Before deciding on removal, evaluate your lashes. Do they look moderately full? In that case, wait a little longer. All lashes go through a cycle that releases them naturally (see our previous post). If your set appears to be less than 30% of its original volume, then you can choose to remove it.

2️⃣ Choose a natural oil

Natural oils are the best and safest to remove eyelash extensions at home. Some examples of natural oils useful for this step are:

Coconut oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Avocado oil
Karite butter
Jojoba oil

3️⃣ Removing the eyelash extensions

Apply the oil to your fingertips and rub the lash line with a gentle massage in a circular motion. You can also apply a mascara wand and comb your lashes for deeper saturation.

Let the oil rest for 3 to 5 minutes and then slide it gently. You may need to repeat this process until all eyelash extensions are removed.

When removing, take care not to pull or force the natural lash.

To finish, use an eyelash cleaner to clean the area, then rinse with warm water and dry.

4️⃣ Don’t worry, as this is not a “Goodbye” for your eyelash extensions – just a “See you later”.

The Lash Studio returns in May and we look forward to helping you regain your beautiful, fluffy lashes. We miss you so much!